The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

About us

Do you remember your first big trip? The lights of distant cities are scattered like diamond threads under the wings of an airplane, the tart and salty air of an unfamiliar country and your excited and enthusiastic gaze accidentally caught in the reflection… Now, years later, is it possible to experience this thrill again?


Of course! And we know how. The world around us is full of fascinating secrets, amazing places hide from idle eyes even in places where we seemed to know every stone of the pavement. We are happy to give our friends the happiest time - the time of perfect travel, filled like a glass of champagne, bright impressions and shining smiles.

We create a journey as an artist creates his creation: with love, attention and inspiration. We are sensitive to every detail, so that a shining mosaic of impressions and admiration will form from small multicolored pieces of glass.

Admire the world and enjoy the great art of traveling with us!
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