The city is the quintessence of our civilization, a thousand-eyed view of man. A look, sometimes sly and playful, sometimes strict and even questioning.

There are cities that preserve the memory of ancient sages; there are cities that do not remember the past and live in the future; there are cities that are cozy like slippers; others call for adventures and breathe the salty wind of the ocean. Each of them has its own secrets and its own treasures. We have been picking up keys to different cities for many years and our collection is impressive. Join us.


Follow the Inca trail of Peru or go down the Yangtze River in China, climb to the top of Kilimanjaro or take a flight over Mauna Kea to see how hot lava meets the ocean - create your invaluable experience, your discoveries, your footprint in history. And if the spirit of Great Travel is close to you, then you have come to the right place!

History and art

This is a journey to yourself. Who are we, where are we from and where are we going? We are the creators of our life and the history of the world. We discover ourselves in the halls of the Louvre and in the Shinto shrines of Japan, come to Stonehenge on the winter solstice and go in search of the truth to the ruins of the ancient pyramids. We will make a journey for you, as an astrologer makes a horoscope: we will take into account all the details and offer freedom of choice.


We invite you to a place where nature remains the ruler of the world, and man respects its laws. The African savannas, the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula and the humid forests of Borneo, the cold rocks of Patagonia and the depths of the warm South Seas, the Great Barrier Reef and the jungles of Costa Rica - we will be your guides to the world of wildlife, we will make this world comfortable and memories amazing

Beauty and health

We do not know the secrets of eternal youth, but we know the ways that lead to them. We are ready to open the doors of temples where beauty rituals are performed, where the years that have left traces on the face disappear without a trace in the living waters of the ocean, and illnesses disappear under the influence of the magical aromas of exotic oils and balms. Trust the magic - let the time go backwards.

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